Dr. Forskolin

Forskolin is one of the weight loss supplement types that got its popularity through the famous TV show of Dr. .

Well, the question does not revolve around the fact whether it is popular or not, but the real question arises whether it is effective or not.

This supplement was in the limelight, but definitely not in a positive sense, it was actually part of a recent controversy linked with the same very

television show.

Dr. Mehmet  is Cardiac Surgeon and host of the show (Dr. Show).

This show has supported various substitute medicines.

In one of the episodes of this NBC talk show, Dr.  accentuated the Forskolin extract by lightening a yellow piece of paper symbolizing the human body fat.

The model for the experiment was made of flash paper and it turned into ashes within a few seconds after glowing like a bright flame as soon as it started lightening.

Dr.  after this dramatization mentioned the studio audience that the extract has the potential to burn body fat in the same very manner and it will be able to replace this fat with lean muscles.

Moreover, there is a research that indicates that this Forskolin substance has the ability to encourage fat loss.

However, for the optimum results, it is better to engage yourself in a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

In this article today, our main focus will be discussing what Dr. told the show viewers about Forskolin Fuel supplementation, and does it really have any firm ground?

Additionally, we will talk about the testimony of Dr.  in a subcommittee hearing of Senate that was particularly for Forskolin extract.

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  • What is exactly Forskolin?

It is nothing but an extract that is present in the coleus forskohlii (roots).

This plant is part of the mint family.

The use of this plant in Ayurvedic medicine is not new, it has been there for centuries.

It has been a common practice to use it for maladies (asthma, impotence, and high blood pressure).

In a study of 1970, the researchers examined that Coleus extract has the tendency to decrease blood pressure and it can also reduce spasm of skeletal muscles.

They further found that these effects are mainly due to a single element in the roots Forskolin.

Additionally, they discovered that Forskolin extract happens to raise the levels of the blood of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate).

It is a compound that is responsible to encourage the creation of hormone-sensitive lipase.

This enzyme is great for triggering fat cells to secret their stuff.

Thus, the body can use their content as a energy fuel.

The researchers marked that this activity implies, this extract has the ability to stimulate decline in the weight and without a chance of decreasing any muscle mass.

It is crucial because various trendy diets for weight loss are catabolic; it means that they can be responsible for the loss of muscle tissue and fat mass.

Researchers happened to hold a result oriented animal trial on female rats.

In the clinical study, the female rats who were provided this extract occurred to eat less, did not put on weight and there was a high probability for their weight loss as compared to the other group that was not taking Forskolin

However, when the human subjects tried this extract (in multiple double-blind trials), the results were not very clear.

Hence, they were enough to cause a sense of ambiguity.

There is more!

In a study that was conducted on the male subjects, men happened to reduce significant body fat as well as gain a small ratio of lean muscles.

Thus, there was not any net weight loss because the lean muscles replaced body fat.

(Muscles are denser and take small place than the fat).

In another trial on the adult females, the subjects were moderately overweight.

The placebo and Forskolin groups revealed almost the same results.

Hence, it shows the extract was not very effective for female weight loss.

  • According to Forskolin:

On the show, Dr. professed Forskolin extract as a magical potent that can easily help to disappear belly fat.

As per his claim, during a twelve-week long research, Forskolin declined fat ratio and improved lean muscle mass ratio and it was also helpful with the levels of testosterone.

As per his claims, it is actually the better levels of testosterone that stimulate the ability of this extract and it shows its fat-melting potential or abilities.

Furthermore, the Senator Clair McCaskill mentioned Dr. and about his favor for Forskolin, in a Senate Subcommittee hearing relevant to Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance.

Dr.  says, most of the individuals who are willing to lose weight find it hard to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle.

He adds the supplementations, such as Forskolin is a great technique to trick the body into starting regimens or programs that involve less eating and a lot more physical activity.

Dr. Joe Schwarcz (director of Science and Society at McGill University), Forskolin seems to be a safe bet in terms of a fat burner.

However, no authentic clinical study supports this theory.

In Montreal Gazette (in a commentary piece), although,  theoretically this extract has borne some real potential for fat loss and the release of fat from the fat cells so it can be utilized as a source of fuel, no solid clinical evidence is available to validate this claim.

In another study of the Kansas University, overweight female participants consumed Forskolin but they did not experience any significant weight loss and their results were similar to the other female participants who were on placebo.

Despite the fact that there are numerous anecdotal reports available in its favor but nothing strong enough to provide the firm ground.

The publisher of Supplement geek Website, Joe Cannon (a Masters Degree holder in exercise science and a Bachelor’s in the field of biology and chemistry), is skeptical about Forskolin.

He mentions in one of his entries about Coleus Forskohlii, Dr. Forskolin episode has been a major reason due to which he received thousands of emails.

He believes the Forskolin research must have been done on very small scales and there are flaws in the claims that are in favor of this extract.

  • What are the directions to take Forskolin for the weight reduction?

Well, there is no one specific dose of Forskolin.

Different health experts recommend different dose sizes.

Dr. recommended around 125 mg of 10% Forskolin extract and as per his recommendations, it is better to take this dose in the morning timing prior to taking breakfast.


In the opinion of ShareCare.com, the suggested dose is 50 mg of Coleus Forskohlii every single day.

(The site is associated with Dr. show)

In a clinical trial on obese males, the participants had 250 milligrams of a 10% extract of Forskolin two times in a day over a calculated duration of 12 weeks.

In the clinical trial on overweight women, the participants had 250 mg of a 10% extract of Forskolin for a time duration of twelve weeks.

Consult with your qualified healthcare provider or a doctor to evaluate the apt dose as per your particular case.

Different Forskolin products possess a different concentration of the extract of Forskolin.

Thus, it means, dosages are likely to vary between different supplements.

  • Side Effects:

Concerns about Forskolin :

The extract of Forskolin is touted as a safe component.

Moreover, clinical studies have not reported noticeable harmful effects.

However, in a few customer testimonials, the customers have reported

Upset stomach



There is a high probability that Forskolin is likely to encourage better testosterone levels.Forskolin is able to be helpful for lowering down blood pressure.

Therefore, most of the health experts recommend that the patients who are already on blood pressure medication should not opt for Forskolin.

Furthermore, Forskolin is likely to create problems during the process of pregnancy.

Thus, pregnant women, as well as lactating women, should avoid it.

There has not been any study that has focused this group of women so it is better not to use it than taking any risk.

If you are willing to try this extract in the form of a supplement, consult with a health care provider to evaluate whether or not it is suitable for you.

While Dr. simply mentions, it is great for jump-starting a weight reduction program, it is not likely to be apt for everyone to use.

Dr. certainly speaks in the favor of Forskolin and he believes it is great for any possible weight loss.

His words have good worth and he is known for his credibility.

However, there is no reliable study that fully supports his beliefs; to support his beliefs about Forskolin extract he often invites different health experts and guests on his show.

Even these guests include those customers who have used Forskolin for the weight loss.

These claims can only be confirmed through a proper study.